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Monday, January 30, 2012



so i'm a daughter to A two wonderful married couple called my parents.

all i want to do is make them happy always.

all i want to do is see their smiling face daily because they're happy to see me as their daughter.

i know all of us out there wants the same exact things, but sometimes its just not easy at all for us or maybe for me.

i used to be very close to my family and parents, but now it seems like i'm getting further away..:'(

especially when i'm growing older, i  think about so many things, this is when i wanna try new things. i wanna have my own privacy, i wanna think about future, my academic career. i wanna go out and have fun with my friends. i wanna go out and do society work. and many more, that sometimes i tend to forget to spend time for my parents and family.

one day i realise whats going on. then i wonder, if i say i'm busy? i should know my parents are busier! they are running a whole family, they think more then i could image. they think of what to do everyday to make sure all of their children gets what they need. they work hard daily to earn money for the family. despite all those busyness, when i'm sick they never hesitate to stay by my side to make sure that i'm fine. despite their busyness, when i'm small they still spend most of their time being with me, taking care of me. they were there when i started to crawl, they were there when i first started to talk, they were there when i first started to walk.

how dare i?!how dare am i to say that i have no time for my parents. how dare i do things my parents hate after knowing all that they've sacrificed. 

then i remembered when i'm small my dad always read to me 10 WASIAT LUQMAN AL-HAKIM.

Luqmanul Hakim's 2nd will would be. do good to your parents. it is stated in the holy quran:

surah Luqman, verse 14
'And We have enjoined upon man [care] for his parents. His mother carried him, [increasing her] in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your parents; to Me is the [final] destination.'
so this recent holiday, i've decided to be the best daughter ever. hehe, though i didn't really manage to be one. i'm quite satisfied actually. at least i tried to be one

anyway here are some tips on how to be a good daughter. *it have been very useful for me.
p/s: tq wikihow

1)  Make a list of things you might be doing that your parents do not like. (at the same time do identify things  they might like)

2)  Try to fix problematic things. (for example, if you think you don't show them enough love, make effort every morning to give your parents a hug)

3)  Spend Time with your parents. (get close to them and be yourself)

4)  Clean your room. (very essential, so that you have space to think, and be sure to help your parents whenever they need u, clean the dishes maybe)

5)  Take care of yourself. (always look clean and need, it allows your parents to see a better side of you)

6)  Listen when your parents have something to say. (although you are in the middle of something important, leave it for a while and listen to your parent. why?cause first you'll get reward from Allah, second your parents will love you)

7)  Do nice things for others. (doing nice things gives you a warm feeling inside and makes you feel more optimistic, plus you are doing what our prophet Muhammad s.a.w loves most)

8)  Do your best and work hard at school, get good grades, in sports, or other endeavors, to give them opportunities to be proud parents. (i don't think i should explain more)

9)  Talk with your parents about things that concern you about your relationship - things that may be their fault as well as yours. (stay calm, the last thing you want is to have a fight. explain! and they'll understand)

10)  Enjoy the simple things with your parents. (watch tv or have dinner together maybe)

11)  Stay calm and collected. (no need to complain tinny tiny lil things to your parent, your parents will appreciate you when you're calm)


12)  Always tell the truth! (its good to tell the truth even when you don't want to)

 i'm gonna try this better on my next holiday!

We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old~

p/s one question please..
When the last time you hugged your mother? Charity starts at home!


Monday, January 23, 2012


Assalamualaikum again..

this week is the best week of my life. cause i'm home with my family.

so today i'd like to shere what value have i actually learned this week.

to know lets go through some situations first....

situation 1:

"abang, siti tak fahamla apa masalah anak kita ni. kenapa attitude dia macam ni, dia dah seventeen, kenapa dia tak nak berubah?kenapa dia still dengan perangai panas baran dia?siti ni ibu dia, kenapa dia tak faham siti?bila siti tegur or marah dia, dia mula menjawab. geram siti! dia tak faham ke, siti cuma nak yang terbaik untuk dia, siti sayang dia bang" keluh siti kepada suaminya.

"sabar ye sayang, nanti insyaAllah dia berubah. dia belum matang lagi tu" pujuk suamiunya.

situation 2:

"aku tak boleh bleh ar ngan mak aku bro!aku nak pergi mana semua dia tanya, aku buat ni dia berleter aku tak buat tu dia berleter. dia macam nak semua perfect. aku taula aku ni pemalas, tapi aku pon manusia, agak-agakla kalau nak control aku sangat pon. dia tak nampak ke aku cuba berubah sikit-sikit?" cerita Amir pada rakannya. 

"biasala bro, mak-mak memang macam tu. kita buat pekak sudah" jawab lutfi pula.

situation 3:

"OMG lina, look at your outfit, the colours are like, eww",said lisa.

'argh, apa masalah lisa ni, suka hati akula aku nak pakai camna pon' marah lina dalam hati

"coolla wey, biasala thats the way i dress up kay" answered lina yg sedikit terguris

*then its like the awkward moment between the 2 of them.

situation 4:

" kita tak boleh la awak, kita tak paham kenapa dia penakut sangat, semua nak teman, ni nak teman, tu nak teman, dia tu tak percaya kat Allah ke?" kata alya.

"haih alya tak baik cakap camtu, tu kelemahan dia, mungkin dia ada kekuatan kat tempat lain" kata aisyah.


"sorila, kami tak boleh terima orang macam tu, sikit-sikit nak minta tolong orang, tak independent langsung.."

"eee, annoyingla perangai dia tu, suka waste time, orang mai Universiti untuk study, ni dia tengok movie plak.."

"meluat betul dengan dia tu, dia sendiri ada boyfriend, pakai baju ketat, pastu nak tegur2 org plak.."

and many many more, if i wrote it all i won't be able to deliver my actual meseg.

so during my days in the university i saw all these situations happening around me  *there were some which i exagerated. hehe
anyway, my point is, i think a lot about the problems occuring around us, i wonder isn't there any solution?is there any way to throw away these hatred from our inner self. so i can't wait for the holidays so that i can consult with my dad, ask him for some advice. but unfortunately when i'm back my dad's not home, he've got some work to settle overseas.

so while waiting for him, i start thinking, what should i do, i want to think positively always but its to hard!
then one day i saw this quranic verse which really made me happy.

Not so do those who show patience and constancy, and work righteousness for them is forgiveness (of sins) and a great reward. (surah hud, verse 11)

Kecuali orang-orang yang sabar dan mengerjakan amal salih, maka mereka itu akan beroleh keampunan dan pahala yang besar. (surah hud, ayat 11)

thats it, the key is Sabar(patients). all i have to think is in order to get Allah's love and forgiveness and in order to get a lot of reward from Allah. All i need to do is be patient and do good deeds.

Then after one week, my dad came back. so today morning i went to eat breakfast with him. then i told him my problem. i told him the problem facing most people in the society these days.
he starts answering by telling me one stroy that happened back then...

"okay fauhatuz, kisah ni berlaku masa zaman nabi isa dulu" my dad starts.

"satu hari, masa nabi isa sedang berjalan dengan sahabat-sahabat beliau, tiba-tiba beliau jumpa seekor anjing mati di tepi jalan, kemudian nabi isa pun berhenti dan melihat anjing tu."

"tapi sahabat-sahabat nabi isa ni mula rasa pelik dan jijik melihat anjing tu, mereka mengeluh, eee, kenapala anjing ni mati kat sini, memalukan betul, dahla busuk"sahabat-sahabat saling mengeluh.

"kemudian, tiba-tiba nabi isa bersuara sambil tersenyum. 'CANTIKKAN GIGI ANJING NI?',"so my dad pun stop kat situ.

then my dad sambung lagi "okay fauhatuz, apa value yang kamu nampak melalui cerita tadi?"

"walaupun bertapa tak perfectnya sesuatu benda tu kita kena cuba cari sesuatu yang valuable dan positive yang ada pada benda tu." i answered.

"so when you look or talk with someone, look at them with the good qualities they have, then you can forgive even if they were using some annoying sentence. appreciate them because they have that beautiful quality." my dad explained.

then i realised, yes its true, all of us are humans, we are not perfect at all, the are some qualities which we are lacking. setiap orang ada kekurangan dan kelebihan dia yang tersendiri. so from now onwards i want to use different approach.

when i talk to someone i am only going to try to look at their best quality, i will only think about their positive values, and on top of all i'll always try to be patient. maybe this will help to create a better and peaceful world. maybe this will help people to see how beautiful Islam is.

There's a story behind every person. There's a reason why they are the way they are.~

we are different, but if we give and take we can still live happily ever after....

InsyaAllah i'll do my best. jom ubah attitude! 

Saturday, January 21, 2012



'understand'..hmm, apa itu paham/faham? ramai di kalangan kita mempunyai definisi tersendiri tentang understand/faham..

so nak sharela sikit kat sini,

sgt terkesan dlm kelas UNGS, dr Razak baru2 ni.

last week...

dr razak: okay students, before i teach you what prophethood is, i want all of you to go back and find, what is the meaning of knowledge and what is the difference between knowledge and science. you can use any source. just make sure all of you are really clear about the meaning. okay, you can go back, thats all for today, see you all tomorrow. Assalamualaikum.

semua orang macam, hah?ni ja klas hari.

so everyone went back and busy cari jawapan, and thanks for helpful mr google.=)

the next day...

dr razak: Assalamualaikum everyone, so did you found the answer.
students: yes..
dr razak: okay so now put away your notes.
students: alor sir
dr razak: why?what happened?if you've understood what you've searched then y u need notes?
...then dr razak starts questioning us..

the main point here is, at that moment that sentence really struck my heart. it is so true.

i feel like i've heard something like this before. then baru tringat, it's about Imam Ghazali's story that i've read somewhere.

kisah ni masa imam Ghazali muda2 dulu. suatu hari, sewaktu dalam perjalanan pulang dari Jurjan imam Ghazali telah dirompak.
Bila para perompak itu meninggalkannya, beliau mengikuti mereka, tetapi beliau diberi amaran agar tidak mengikuti mereka itu kalau tidak beliau akan mati.
Lalu beliau meminta dengan nama Allah supaya dikembali kertas-kertas yang mengandungi catitan-catitan pelajarannya kerana kertas itu tidak ada gunanya untuk mereka. Bila ditanya tentang kertas apa yang ada dalam beg itu beliau menjawab bahawa itu mengandungi catitan-catitan ilmunya yang didengarinya yang kerananya beliau jauh mengembara.
Perompak itu ketawa dan bertanya “bagaimana kamu memperolehi ilmu mereka bila kami ambil kertas itu maka kamu tidak berilmu lagi”.
Ini suatu yang aneh berlaku. Bagaimanapun catitan-catitannya diserahkan kembali. Apabila beliau kembali ke Tus lepas itu, imam al-Ghazali mengambil masa tiga tahun menghafal semua catitan-catitan yang dipelajarinya itu. 
sungguh kagum dengan imam Ghazali, bertapa hebatnya beliau, hanya satu peristiwa telah mengubah beliau yang hebat ini menjadi seorang yang lebih hebat!

Nabi (saw) juga pernah bersabda: "Dunia ditegakkan dengan 4 perkara: orang berilmu yang mengamalkan ilmunya, orang bodoh yang tekun belajar, orang kaya yang tidak bakhil dengan kebaikan dan orang fakir yang tidak menjual akhiratnya."

untuk mengamalkan ilmu yang dipelajari kita perlu faham ilmu yang depelajari terlebih dahulu kan?

remember, if you memorize and understand the knowledge that you have no one can take it away from u. =)

so, jom tuntut ilmu yang kita pelajari dengan ikhlas, faham dan amalkan dalam hidup!

Friday, January 6, 2012


JUMAAT, the day i love most
i don't know why, tapi dari dulu sampai sekarang, on friday i feel so safe, so happy and so protected.
if today i buat benda baik or anything i felt so calm.

maybe sebab my dad selalu ingatkan me about how barokah friday is. 
yang i paling ingat is, my dad says 'kalau kamu baca surah kahfi pada hari jumaat, Allah akan protect kamu from this friday sampaila the next friday'.

ingat, miracles of Allah happen anywhere at any time, so always feel happy to be attached to Allah, and try your best to do the things that would lead you to get closer to Allah.

anyway, as its our 1st friday in 2012, so nak share satu video
'it's Jumaat' by R.black. bes sgt, enjoy and amal...=)

Raef, It's Jumaah...

5AM, waking up for Fajr
Got to make wudu', got to pray my sunnah,
Got to make ghusl, got to clip my nails,
Looking outside, the sun is rising up in the sky,
Everybody's rushing
Got to get down to the masjid,
Got to say "Salam!" to the Imam,

Sitting in the first Saff(row), chilling in the back Saff(row),
Got to make my mind up..Do what the prophet did.

It's Jumaah! Jumaah!
Got to make dhikr on Jumaah,
Everybody's looking forward to his mercy, mercy.
Jumaah! Jumaah!
Got to make Dhikr on Jumaah,
Everybody's looking forward to the Ajr.

miswaking, miswaking!Yeah,
miswaking, miswaking!Wow,
pray, pray, pray, pray,
Got to read surat Al-Kahf.

12.45 the Imam's in the mimbar,
Talking about something like "Fiqh Az-Zakat"
They're whispering, chatting from the crowd,
Don't they know that its haram.

I stand up, you stand up, prayer's about to start "Qad qaamat as-salaah",
foot to foot! shoulder to shoulder! Just don't step on me.

Sitting in the first Saff(row), chilling in the back Saff(row),
Got to make my mind up..Do what the prophet did.

It's Jumaah! Jumaah!
Got to make dhikr on Jumaah,
Everybody's looking forward to his mercy, mercy.
Jumaah! Jumaah!
Got to make Dhikr on Jumaah,
Everybody's looking forward to the Ajr.

miswaking, miswaking!Yeah,
miswaking, miswaking!Wow,
pray, pray, pray, pray,
Got to read surat Al-Kahf.

It's Jumaah! Jumaah!
Got to make dhikr on Jumaah,
Everybody's looking forward to his mercy, mercy.

                                                                     Jumaah! Jumaah!
Got to make dhikr on Jumaah,
Everybody's looking forward to his mercy....