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Sunday, December 4, 2011



In life it is indeed not easy to have a perfect life, but It doesn’t mean we cannot have a perfect life.

All we need to do is make some changes in our life.

I’ve once heard a quote by an anonymous-“everyone think about changing the world, but no one think about changing himself”

I always recall myself saying, if only my life was like this, if only people could be more patient, if only people can give and take, if only people can tolerate a little, if only the politician weren’t fighting against each other, if only studying is more easier than I thought it would be, and many many more….

But then it struck me there’s no use nagging about all the things we are not satisfied about, like what an anonymous said “STOP being upset daily hoping for life and people around you to change, be at ease no matter what happen!”

So I decide to stop complaining about life, I tried to be patient all the time, but sometimes it makes me angrier and angrier.

And then one day…

My dad gave me one extraordinary book called AYYUHAL WALAD-by IMAM GHAZALI..

I started reading that book and I really found it fascinating!

There is this one part that totally changes my whole life, its about

IMAM GHAZALI’s 8 most important ADVICE (I’ll just summarize it)

1)  Only good deeds follow us till death

2)  Fight desire so that it obeys Allah

3)  Rely only to Allah because it’s the best(pergantungan kepada Allah adalah yang terbaik)

4)  The best among you is the one who fears Allah most

5)  Don’t be jealous and don’t backbite others

6)  Your only enemy is syaitan

7)  Always remember Allah is the One who gives us sustenance (rezeki)

8)  Always believe in Allah because Allah gives us accordance to the will of Allah.
(Allah beri sesuatu sesuai dengan kehendak kita)

After going through all the 8 advice, i realize that nothing will make us happier than having a strong faith in Allah. And when I practice it, I could feel that it slowly leads me to THE PERFECT LIFE.=)


And that what we call EXTRAORDINARY!