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Friday, September 23, 2011


one fine morning, in a beautiful house by the hill....           "                                                                              
"that morning while grandpa was beautifully reciting quranic verses, amar who was sleeping woke up suddenly as he heard his grandpa voice reciting quran..he really loves to hear people reciting quran..for him it is so breathtaking..

amar is a 9 years old boy who lives with his grandpa in a small yet beautiful house by the hill since he was born..since he was a baby he really loves to hear his grandpa reciting quran...
there was one night when it rains heavily and theres thunder everywhere, amar was so frirgtened and scared and he really can't sleep, but once his grandpa came by his side and resites quran to him, he eventually felt safe and starts smiling and falls asleep slowly..but there was something that confuses amar...

so that morning amar sat beside his grandpa and patiently listens to his grandpas recitation..and the after his grandpa has finished he asks him the question that has been plaing in his mind these days..

"grandpa i don't really understand, why do we recite quran?i know we'll get reward from Allah if we do..but what else do we get? i mean as for me, i don't even understand the meaning of the words i'm reciting but i feel something when i recite quran..i feel safe, i got this peace of mind..but i don't really understand why..why grandpa??why?"ask amar eagerly.

and his grandpa smiles and answers patiently.."i see..i see...my dear boy..now let me give u some tasks first then i'll answer your questions okay?"

"anything you grandpa"said amar

grandpa took a basket full of coal near the chimney and gave it to amar while saying  "now boy, empty this basket and then go up the hill and fill this basket with water until its full and bring it back here..can you my dear?"

then amar who was kind of confused asks "but grandpa, i need a pail to fill water in it so that it will not spill.."

"i know my dear but will you do as i say??"

"okay grandpa"said amar obidiently.

and amar went to the pond and filled the basket with water and came down to his grandpa..unfortunately, when he arrived home, the basket was already empty as the water had spilled through the small holes around the basket..so, he went to the hill and to fill the basket with water..and this time he ran home to make sure the basket is not empty when he came home..but, unfortunately it was empty again..so he went up again to do the same thing and this time he ran faster than before but still when he arrive home the basket was empty...

so amar told his grandpa "grandpa, i'm so sorry i went to the pond three times to fill the basket with water but still i couldn't."said amar who was already confused.

while calmly smiling his grandpa said"come here my child, now, look properly into the basket, do you see any difference?"

after looking at the basket for a while, amar suddenly realize something, he realized that the basket that were very dirty inside because of the coal is now very very clean.

"so now you see my child, eventhough you don't understand quran, when you recite quran it cleanses you inside. so that you could slowly become a better person. it cleanses your innerself so that you become stronger, it cleanses your heart and mind so that you always feel calm deep down and slowly you can learn the meaning of the verses and understand quran so that you get more benefit when you understand."continued grandpa.

then amar who was very amazed said "waaa, grandpa i never thought of this before, from this day onwards i want to recite quran daily and slowly try to understand quran."

"now, that my child, alhamdulillah" grandpa respond while smiling.=)