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Friday, August 3, 2012

apa kabar Ramadhan??

Assalamualaikum! beautiful friday aite? the day i love most in the week..

again its been quite a moment since my last update..selalu vow nak update frequently but then keep on doing the same thing..

MALAS..LAZY the biggest disease that we could easily get and the worst part is that it is very very very dangerous..takde hospital yang boleh cure this disease, go for treatment in any hospital around the world..we'll get nothing..know why??cause the medicine is with us, within ourself..DETERMINATION and firm believe that Allah will help us..Allah is always there for us..all we need to do is work harder and seek for his help!..

anyway, dah tersasar jauh dah from my topic today..

so apa kabar ramadhan everyone?i'm very sure your ramadhan is wonderful in your own way..no matter how busy we all are this is the month where families have the chance to sit together to break fast and for sahur..even for just a short duration, all that matter is the quality of the time we spent with them, and with family every second is extremely valuable..cepat kan masa berlalu dah pertengahan Ramadhan dah..

ingat Ramadhan ingat puasa kan? mesti semua tahu kan kalau sebut puasa ni bukan hanya tahan makan dan minum but more..this is the most beautiful month, extraordinarily spectacular month, a perfect time for anyone to make big changes in their life, the best month to change our attitude, get closer to Allah, seek forgiveness, train our ikhlas (sincerity), stop backbiting, try to do as much good deeds as possible and last but not least a month to sadakah (give).. 

bila cakap pasal sadakah teringat satu cerita ni terbaca dalam buku esq baru ni..
sapa kenal Konosuke Matsushita?who knows hiM?

he is one of the best Japanese industrialist..he is the founder of Panasonic..i'm very sure all of you own at least one Panasonic product in your house right..ya, he is the founder, just imagine how rich is he..during his last days do you all know what he did?
he gave 99 million dollar of his money for charity..his motto is life is not only bread meaning hidup ini bukan hanya untuk duit, there is more in life..

teringat seorang speaker ni bagi ceramah, Hamzah Yusuf:
i rephrase jelah ye "as taught by Rasulullah saw, you will earn true happiness when you manage to make others happy"..

so sadakah is one of the way, if you give sadakah to unfortunate people it would make them happy and so you earn true happines and get awesome reward from Allah. nothing is better than earning Allah love right..

and when Allah announces to the angels that He loves you, all the angels would love you too..wow totally splendid huh? 

there are many other ways too to make people happy, like taking care of people's feeling, smile, talking in polite manner etc..

so lets discipline our nafsu (desire) to follow what we want..lets conquer our nafsu and not let it conquer us..sacrifice a little to earn a big fortune in hereafter..

Take time to THINK. it is the source of power, 
Take time to READ. it is the foundation of wisdom,
Take time to QUIET. it is the opportunity to seek god,
Take time to DREAM. it is the future made of,
Take time to PRAY. it is the greatest power on earth.

~taken from esq book by Ary Ginanjar Agustian

May this Ramadhan be the month of blessings,

A month full of forgiveness and kindness for us and our family,

Ameen..Ramadhan kareem and Jumaah Mubarokah.. <3

ps: Jangan lupa baca surah Al-Kahfi ya..

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